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Testimonials From EIQ Workshops

Past Participants

  • Coverage of the EIQ topics - allow us to be able to interpret the report. Very insight and this workshop complements the DISC workshop very well.

  • Ability to bring EIQ relevance to myself and our leaders

  • Comprehensive and well conducted course. Learnt a lot of relevant and useful knowledge.

  • I really appreciated the painstaking attention to detail and the willingness to allow us participants to air our thoughts and opinions. Thank you also for answering all of our questions and taking the trouble to find out the ones you had no ready answers for immediately.

  • Allowing time for participants to share.

What is EIQ?


Emotional Intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding,

and choosing how we think, feel, and act.

Research indicates that emotional intelligence can be learned and have measurable difference directly associated with professional and personal success. 


Emotional Intelligence Quotient is an assessment tool that centers on four aspects:

  1. Self-Recognition

  2. Self-Management

  3. Social Recognition

  4. Social Management 

Below is a video from the Harvard Business Review of Emotional Intelligence

Harvard Bussiness Review
Emotional Intelligence
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