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Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification (2 Days)

Emotional Intelligence is all about understanding and managing oneself and others. It is based on a loop that begins with self-awareness and management of own emotions followed by social awareness and management of others.

Success Frontiers in partnership with Assessment 24x7 is the sole distributor for Assessment 24x7 EIQ assessments in Asia. 

For more than 25 years, Assessments 24x7 has been providing premier profiling tools like EIQ Certification to countries all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, China, Philippines, Singapore, and more.


Comprehensive and well-conducted course. Learned a lot of relevant and useful knowledge. I am confident of using the instrument to provide value to clients.

Sean Lee

Transform Through Learning for Success

I really appreciate the painstaking attention to detail and the willingness to allow us to participate to air out thoughts and opinions. Thank You also for answering all of our questions and taking the trouble to find out the ones you had no ready answer. Overall I thought it was a very well-managed and well-organized workshop. I definitely appreciate that we also kept to time.

Roshini Ganesan

The Change Business

2 Days EIQ Certification @ Singapore

  • 29 Aug to 30 Aug 2024 | Thurs & Fri

  • 7 Nov to 8 Nov 2024 | Thurs& Fri


SGD 1488​


Contact us for an early bird rate

+65 9833 3640

+65 9182 4802

What will I get?
  • Superior EIQ Starter-kit (PPT / EIQ development Resources & more) (Worth $2500)

  • Additional Training Credits from 4 different organizations (Worth $2000)

  • White Label: Your company logo on the reports (Worth $1000)

  • 2 complimentary EIQ Assessment credits (Worth $90)

  • Online Assessment and Your Personalized EIQ Report (Worth $45)

  • 2 Days Highly interactive and engaging Workshop
  • Super friendly Consultant Admin Account (CAA)
  • No setup and month/yearly subscription fee

EIQ-2 Certification Program

The EIQ-2 Certification Program is designed for Leaders, HR managers, L&D managers, coaches and trainers with the Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of EIQ through first-hand experience.

  • Experience and learn the EQ Model and EQ competencies.

  • Acquire knowledge on how to interpret the EIQ report to help individuals to work more effectively with different stakeholders: clients, colleagues, and supervisors.

  • Learn practical tools and insights to improve your emotional intelligence. Understand how to facilitate EIQ workshops.

  • Gain an understanding on the usage of your user-friendly Consultant Admin Account.

Pre EIQ Certification Workshop

  • Complete the online EIQ Profiling

  • Receive via email your EIQ report

  • Independent Review of Self-Study Documents

EIQ Certification: 2 Days Outline

Throughout the workshop, there will be case studies, discussions, and practices to enhance and strengthen your knowledge


Module 1

  • Why EQ is more important than IQ

  • Neuroscience behind EQ

  • Understand the EQ Model & 4 quadrants of EIQ

Module 2

  • Interpretation of the 4 quadrants sub-categories

  • Deep dive into Self-Recognition

  • Tools & Strategies to Improve Self-Recognition

  • Deep dive into Social-Recognition

  • Tools & Strategies to Improve Social-Recognition

Module 3

  • Deep dive into Self-Management

  • Tools & Strategies to improv Self-Recognition

  • Deep dive into Social-Management

  • Tools & Strategies to Improve Social-Management


Module 4

  • EIQ Debrief Practice

  • Introduction and Orientation to your super-friendly Consultant Admin Account (CAA)

  • Orientation to resources within CAA to support your business

Post EIQ Certification Workshop

  • Final knowledge test

  • Official Accreditation as EIQ practitioner from Assessments24x7 (USA) & Success Frontiers

Amazing Resources at Your Disposal

Success Frontiers, together with Assessment 24x7, is fully committed to supporting you grow your organization or business. We have a full array of resources to ensure you achieve your goals:

  1. Superior EIQ Online Resources

  2. Backend support by Success Frontiers

See below to find out more

Workshop Details

2 Days EIQ Certification​

Dates: See Below (Online Registration) for dates

​Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Investment: $1 488​


Contact us for an Early Bird Discount | +65 9833 3640 | +65 9182 4802​​

Online Registration
EIQ Report Report

Upon completion of the 2 days EQ Certification, you can utilize your 2 complimentary EIQ assessment credits to coach individuals on their EQ competencies.

Superior Online EIQ Resources

 Once you have completed your 2-days EIQ Certification, you will get online access to the following materials:

  1. General Training Resources

  2. Presenting / Training Resources for Trainers

  3. PowerPoint slides

  4. EIQactivities & more

EIQ Resources.PNG
DISC Validation Report
  • For 25-years, Assessments 24x7 team have remained committed to the necessity of validity studies

  • As global industry leaders in an increasingly crowded and scientifically unregulated field, where anyone can create anything resembling an assessment, we believe in holding ourselves to a transparent, international scientific standard.

  • Dr. Dennis Koerner's Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) ensure Assessments 24x7 members maintain access to the most accurate instruments.

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