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Article: 7 Ways to Achieve True Happiness

Adrian wrote this 4 page article to share with organizations and individuals 7 ways in which one can achieve True Happiness. Happy Reading!

Pioneer Magazine Dec 2007

This article was featured in Pioneer magazine Dec 2007. Trainer Adrian Toh shared on 2 key organization learning models that are used to spur the soldiers onward as the unit transformed to be a pillar of confidence to meet the demanding challenges in the SAF.

Pioneer Magazine Dec 2014
Happiness Coach 1.jpg
Happiness Coach 2.jpg

This article was featured in Pioneer magazine Dec 2014.

Trainer Adrian Toh has left the military and has now set up his own consultancy, training and coaching company.


This article shares how the Time Line Therapy can be used to help an individual "speak" to his/her subconscious mind. This in turn quickens the process of removing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

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