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Here at Success Frontiers, we are Passionate about Helping Organizations & Individuals 

Success Frontiers specializes in DISC & EIQ & Trainer Certifications
Management & Team Simulation Game
Leadership Development, Team Building, 
Personality Profiling and Coaching

Every person we encounter is an opportunity to make a positive difference

Your Success Story in the making 

Shown on Vietnam TV: Recording on resilience training conducted in Vietnam. 

Resilience is an important element in any organization as it makes the company strong and able to adapt to challenges at the workplace.

This workshop was conducted by Adrian Toh

National Heart Center

Resilience: Creating a Stronger Me Workshop

Words are powerful as they can affect our mindset. Hence, it is important to use the correct words that strengthens our will and make us more resilient.

Workshop conducted by Adrian Toh

Resilience Workshop @ National Heart Centre
Career Success Workshop @ Lasalle College of the Arts

Lasalle College of the Arts 

Effective Interview to getting a job

A simple and very powerful way to build up one's credibility during an interview

Workshop conducted by Nichole

Happiness Workshop

Public Workshop

Happiness Workshop

This video shows how some people distract themselves through activities such as eating, shopping, drinking when they have negative emotions. Although these distractions create a brief moment of respite, the negative emotions will come back again. 


Workshop conducted by Adrian Toh

Public Workshop

Achieve Excellence through Self Hypnosis

This video shows how you can use a pendulum to communicate with your subconscious mind. Truly Amazing!

Workshop conducted by Adrian Toh

Achieve Excellence through Self Hypnosis Workshop
Team Building Workshop @ Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
Resilience Workshop @ Vietnam

Team Building Workshop

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

What a blast we had with the undergraduates of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music​. The games were challenging and fun at the same time, allowing them to form stronger bonds.

Workshop conducted by Nichole Yeo & Adrian Toh

We Love to Connect with You


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Adrian is very skilled in NLP, and he gives his 110% when conducting trainings. Because of Adrian, I’ve removed disempowering emotions and I am experiencing more fulfilling relationships and financial breakthroughs too!

Sharon Woo, Head Partnership Distribution Academy, Prudential Singapore.

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Adrian is a magician! After one of our coaching sessions, I have more energy and motivation to drive the company forward and I have more focus at work!

Thomas Handojo,
Senior VP PCI Limited

We Keep Our Participants Fully Engaged So That We Can Deliver Maximum Impact!


Participants are engaged through games and activities to draw out the learnings


Short videos and infographics screened for better illustration



Live Demonstration and Roleplay to ‘witness’ and apply tools and skills taught


 Self-Reflection to consolidate learnings and self-commitment to apply these learnings at work or in life.

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