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Testimonials From DISC Profiling Workshops

​SPF: Teambuilding & DISC Profiling Workshop

  • It was fun learning from Nichole and Adrian. THANK YOU!

  • Well prepared and interesting. Delivery was good and excellent

  • Trainers presented well and are knowledgeable on the topics at hand

  • Excellent. The mini games help stimulate our learning and I would recommend others to this course

NLB: Teambuilding with DISC profiling Workshop

  • Both the trainers were very good and manage to get our attention well. Good job guys!

  • The trainers were engaging and the games organized were useful in letting us understand the learning outcomes and objective intended. Overall, it was a good workshop

Singapore Refining Company: Communicate to Influence Workshop with DISC profiling Workshop

  • The trainer was very good. He made the class very interactive and not boring. Thumbs up!!

  • A practical course to understand and learn about communication skills. Look forward to put them into practice

Readysteadykidsgo Pte Ltd: Company Retreat with DISC Profiling Workshop

  • Trainers are very efficient always ready to answer questions for clarifications. I learn more about myself and how to work better with people of different personalities in the company.

What is DISC?

DISC is a behavior assessment tool based on psychologist William Marston 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People;  which centers on four different behavioral styles which are:

  • Dominant (D)

  • Influencing (I)

  • Steady (S) and

  • Conscientiousness (C)

Marton's theory was then developed into a behavioral assessment tool by industrial psychologist Walter Clarke.

People possess traits from all four styles to varying degrees but they will display a dominant style. There is no "best" behavioral style. Each style has its own unique needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses. Much of a style's effectiveness in a particular situation depend on the person's ability to apply his strength flexibly and compensate for his weaknesses in that particular situation.

If you wish to wish to have a deeper insight in the the history of DISC (5 mins only). Please click on the document below.


D Style


Needs: Challenge to Solve, Authority

Fears: Being Taken Advantage of, Lack of Control

Behavior Descriptors:

Decisive / Competitive Daring

Direct / Innovative / Persistent

Adventurous / Problem Solver / Results Oriented


I Style

Needs: Social Relationships, Friendly Environment

Fears: Being Left Out, Loss of Social Approval

Behavior Descriptors:

Charming / Confident / Convincing

Enthusiastic / Inspiring / Optimistic

Persuasive / Sociable / Trusting

We Love to Connect with You
We love to Connect with You

S Style

Needs: Systems, Teams, Stable Environment 

Fears: Sudden Changes / Loss of Stability and Security

Behavior Descriptors:

Understanding / Friendly / Good Listener

Patient / Relaxed / Sincere

Stable / Steady / Team Player


C Style

Needs: Rules to follow, Data to Analyze 

Fears: Cautious, Careful Decisions

Behavior Descriptors:

Accurate / Precise / Analytical

Compliant / Courteous / Diplomatic

Detailed / Fact Finder / Objective

Individual Sample Reports
Team Sample Reports
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