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Management & Team Simulation Game

Friday Night at the ER

An Engaging Learning Experience used to develop essential organizational decision making skills, collaboration, innovation and leadership to improve Team Performance.

What it teaches?
  • Applied Systems Thinking

  • Collaboration Across Boundaries

  • Smart Innovation

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Designing Structure for Desired Behaviors

Friday Night at the ER, Prudue University, USA
Friday Night at the ER in Nursing Education, USA
Simulation Experience
  • Friday Night at the ER is a Business / Management Simulation Game which allows its participants to be totally immersed in the game without all the drama that happens at the workplace.

  • Each simulated hour, patients arrive, transfer between departments and exit. Department managers complete tasks, manage resources, make decisions and document results. They are pressured by time limits, quality and cost measures and interactions with peers.

  • The activity simulates the flow of people or goods through parts of an organization. It feels “frighteningly real,” as one CEO puts it, yet people enjoy the experience. The game-play is highly engaging and teams are motivated to perform well.


  • Team dynamics at each table will vary, while the overall spirit in the room is lively. Group sessions may range from 4 to several hundred participants.

Group Debrief
  • Following the business / management simulation game and scoring, a facilitator guides participants through an interactive debrief that includes huddles, exercises and rich discussion. A standard debrief and support materials, included with the game package, can be customized to meet distinct group needs.

  • The debrief will surface insights and ideas, encouraging behavioral change. Participants can put their learnings into practice as they return to work and community.

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