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 Discover Self & Discover Others
Build a Stronger Team

Do you treat others the way you would like others to treat you? This sounds like an excellent suggestion.  But how good is this philosophy in aiding you to foster a strong team? Would it be more ideal if we are to treat others the way they would like to be treated instead?

DISC is a simple powerful profiling tool that helps you to know yourself better and also ‘decipher’ the behavioral styles of your colleagues and your loved ones.  Now, you would appreciate what really matters and what are the motivation triggers for each style.  

Through this 1 Day high-impact workshop, participants will be facilitated through interactive exercises and hands-on practice with professional feedback. This is proven to help participants retain learning better and become more skillful and effective in managing relationships and achieve greater team performance.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, learners will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Overview of the four quadrants in the DISC behavioral Styles

  • Understand your dominant DISC style and your other blends

  • Discover how your DISC style affects your conflict resolution mode

  • Learn to ‘read’ the styles of your colleagues and loved ones

  • Know the motivators and fears for each personality style

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with different styles

  • Gain insights on ways to connect and build a stronger team

Workshop Outline

Session 1 

Understanding Self

  • Ice Breaker, Welcome & Introduction

  • Completion of the DISC profiling tool

  • (we offer both online and hardcopy DISC profiling)

  • Brief background of DISC


Session 2

  • Introduction to DISC Profiling Tool (in different settings)

  • “This is Me” Activity to understand the behaviors and tendencies of all the styles

  • Understanding of my DISC Profile (strengths, weakness, and preferences in decision making)

Session 3

Understanding your Team

  • Identify the DISC of your team members/family members

  • Understand the possible tension between different DISC styles

  • Better manage conflict by understanding communicating preferences via DISC

Session 4

Fostering Stronger Team

  • Learned how adaptability aids in building stronger teams. (at work & home)

  • DISC Review: Quiz & Mini Case Studies

  • Aha Moments: reflection and action plan

Workshop Details


Date: See below for dates of the workshop

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Hotel

Investment: $ 545 /Pax

Contact Nichole (9182 4802 /

Online Registration
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