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This question shocked me “You shared with me your Business Goal, what about your Personal Goals?”

This was the question asked by my business partner and who is also my life partner (a.k.a. Wife).

I shared with her our company’s KPIs

Increase by X% of sales target for next FY starting April 23

Create at least 3 different channels to achieve the above-stated goal.

I also shared with her that the book that I’ve written is now 90% complete.

Yes, I am writing a book, it’s on my bucket list. The aim is to publish a book by the 2nd qtr of 2023. Will share more in due course.

Goals for 2023

1. To increase by X% of the sales target for Success Frontiers

2. To create at least 3 different sales channels

3. To publish a book by 1st Jul 23

4. To be fit and healthy (Mentally / Emotionally / Spiritually)

5. To achieve a weight of 70kg by 4th Sep 23

6. To be a better listener, especially when talking to those closest to me


To read or listen to one book per month

You’re probably thinking that it's difficult to achieve new year's resolution goals, right?

Well actually, you only need to apply a few tools and it will put you on track.

I will share more soon.

In the meantime, I challenge you to sit down and pen down your goals

You are one Success Nugget away ….



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