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Individual Enhancement


Emotional Resilience


  • Understand the Science of Stress and Performance

  • Enhance emotional resilience using a range of tested and proven cognitive strategies

  • Control unwanted thoughts and emotional reactions using NLP techniques

  • Identify the sabotaging self-talk that creates negative emotions and learn how to reframe to increase the positive emotions which keep you on track

  • Recognize the powerful link between the Mind-Body Connection and use it to change your emotional response in seconds


Higher Performance with Self-Hypnosis


  • Learn how to induce yourself into a hypnotic state quickly and easily

  • Learn how to influence your subconscious mind and change it from the deepest level

  • Learn how to bring about permanent change in behavior

  • Calm nerves and Improve Performance.

  • Learn how to stay upbeat and use self-hypnosis to improve your confidence, self-belief, relieving stress at work and at home

  • Reduce stress and improve mental wellness


Effective Parenting


  • Gain self awareness of strengths and areas for improvement through Personality Profiling tool called DISC

  • Acquire the mindset of being a positive parent

  • Attain the mindset and tools on how to build strong bonds with your child

  • Learn how to have a conversation with your child

  • Understand how to listen to your child and overcome resistance in your child so that they talk and share

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