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Coaching Programs




A five coaching sessions package

  • Use DISC Personality Profiling to gain a deeper understanding of self; strengths and areas for development

  • Gain clarity of your goals and the current challenges that are stopping you from achieving them

  • Change your current perspective about self and others to energize oneself

  • Challenge current beliefs and thoughts to create a new you and a compelling future

  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are hindering you from moving forward





  • Learn the power of personality profiling to help you gain a deeper understanding of your client's strengths and areas for development

  • Develop an optimal coaching mindset and critical coaching skills, using the ‘GROW’ model

  • Learn different ways to clarify questions and resolve issues through meaningful conversations

  • Learn different techniques to assist clients to uncover what really matters most and align with their intentions

  • Develop ways for client to stay committed and accountable to changes, allowing them to achieve their goals

  • Learn different ways to break the client's ‘state’ during coaching session

  • Recognize the ‘tug-of-war’ game in coaching.  Notice the subtle signals from client which suggests the right moment for the ‘shift’ to occur.


Community of Practice Gathering



​Community of Practice is a group of like-minded individuals who are keen to learn how to develop and improve their coaching skills.


  • Learn from experts on ways in improve your coaching skills

  • Interact with people from different walks of lives when you practice your coaching skills

All proceeds are donated to the Children Cancer Foundation


Since Apr 2017 to Oct 19, participants have attended 12th Coaching COP and have donated a total of $3818.50.

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