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8 Days NLP Certification
3 Certifications in 1 Program!




  • Understand how you communicate, change and evolve

  • Sensory Acuity and Rapport – How to create the best chance for successful communication

  • Representational Systems – How to use our five senses effectively

  • Language Patterns – How to use words that are empowering as well as hypnotic

  • Sub-modalities – The secret programming software of your mind

  • Anchoring – How to take charge of your feelings and state of mind

  • Strategies – How to control your mental process to create specific results

  • Parts Integration - How to stop inner conflict and create more positive energy


Time Line Therapy



  • Learn the Prime Directive of the Unconscious Mind

  • Understand how your unconscious mind works and its role of protecting you

  • Recognize how your unconscious mind interpret your timeline

  • Discover how to build rapport with your unconscious mind and get your unconscious mind to work with you to achieve your goals.

  • Discover the root cause of your negative emotions

  • Learn how to release negative emotions

  • Discover a simple and powerful way to remove limiting beliefs

  • Get to know what you truly want and create a compelling future


NLP Coach


  • Learn what are the key differences between a coach, mentor and counselor.

  • Recognize the 3 major outcomes for coaching

  • Learn how to explore the deeper issues

  • Know how to ask better questions in order to gain a clearer understanding of the root cause

  • Learn the NLP coaching cycle

The workshop has opened up my mind to a world of possibilities and taught me that I am the master of my own life. Adrian is very engaging and makes learning enjoyable. NLP is a skill every person should have to feel empowered.


Timeline therapy is absolutely a great tool to be mastered as it will helps you to achieve a liberating life by releasing all the negative emotions that you had in your life by solving it right from the root cause. It's truly experiential and Adrian explains it in a very easy and fun way!


Trainer Adrian is very patient and effective. His explanation is clear and he made sure everyone understood how to apply the techniques. The course materials are very useful, with easy-to-understand guidance for future reference. The practical hands-on application on myself and my course mates trained us to be able to apply the techniques effectively and achieve our objectives.

Linda Yap, Stat Board

Get Trained by Success Frontier Principal Coach, Adrian Toh

Certified NLP Trainer & NLP Coach Trainer with American Board of NLP 

Certified Time Line Therapy Trainer by Time Line Therapy Association

Over 13 Years of Coaching Experience

Adrian Toh spent countless years in the army as a Lieutenant-Colonel, working alongside army personnel from all walks of life, helping them through tough times and coaching them to do their best every day.


Along the way, he became fascinated with how the right words coupled with the right examples spoken in the right manner could help his soldiers snap out of fear and anxiety, let go of conflict and resentment and perform at their best.


This started Adrian on a journey to discover how he could bring the best out of the people he interacted with.

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