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Power Up Your Resilience
Arm Yourself with Tools to strengthen your Resilience


We are constantly faced with challenges of dealing with incoming “stuff” such as taskings, emails, phone calls, and messages. All of these create stress within us and individuals who suffer from chronic or long-term stress can experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. Physically, they also face a high risk of blood pressure, heart disease, and even digestive issues. 

By attending the one-day workshop, you will learn how to improve your mental and emotional state, thus leading to you being personally effective at your workplace. The essential tools and techniques provided in this course will greatly assist you to manage stress both at work in life.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;​

  • Learn the impact of negative emotions to one’s mental and physical health

  • Definition of Resilience based on the B.A.R. model

  • Understand the Science of Stress and Performance

  • Harness the Mind-Body Connection to create positive emotional states

  • Gain a better understanding of how one should view stress

  • Learn and Apply Stress Busters Techniques to enhance your resilience

  • Utilize the correct words to better handle emotions amid the demands of work and life

Workshop Outline

Session 1:​

  • Ice Breaker, Welcome and Learning Objectives

  • Video on Stress & Mindset

  • Definition of Resilience (BAR)

  • Resilience Profile

​Session 2: 

  • Resilience Tool: My WHY

  • Performance & Stress Curve

  • Stress “Red Alert” Graph

  • Resilience Tool: The Upside of Stress (Case Study)

​Session 3: 

  • Resilience Tool: 3 Factors that affect your emotional State

  • Resilience Tool: Mind-Body Connection

  • Resilience Tool: E+R=O

Session 4: 

  • Resilience Tool: Power of Deep Breathing

  • Resilience Tool: Power of Gratitude

  • Personal Reflection and Sharing

Workshop Details

Dates:​​ 3 Jul 2023​

Investment:​​ $500/pax

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