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The Power of Life Purpose

Played the "Game of Life' with certain individuals and the game was designed to be "fun"; filled with "cool stuff" like clubbing, movies, karaoke, billiard etc

After playing for 10 mins, they started to get bored realizing that all of the above activities were rather meaningless.

During the reflection, some of the sharing were:

-I have the choice to choose my actions and having a life purpose makes it easier for me to make that choice

-Purpose gives me direction and focus

-Life Purpose provides clarity on why am I doing what I am doing. e.g. What is the purpose of clubbing? To chillax? To socialize?

After living on mother earth for more than 50 years (yes, I am an old dog), my take on Life Purpose is:

1. It provides focus to my life

2. It helps me stay on track

3. It energizes me.

Reflection Question:

Qn: What is my Life Purpose?

Qn: What are my goals in life?

Qn: What kind of future do I hope to create?

Qn: Am I determined to change for the better?

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