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That's my Ultimate Goal!

I could see the big smile and laser-focused eyes when the mentee mentioned that.

We were discussing money management and I shared with the mentee my concern that things are not going as planned and therefore unable to quickly clear off the credit card debts.

I could see holes in the way the money was managed and it was raising red flags in my head.

As we discussed more, we went back to the reason why the mentee started the journey with me.

During the conversation, the mentee said

"My Ultimate Goal is NOT to clear my credit card debts. Clearing the debts will give me the money and confidence to pass the money to my better half."

"My better half is

holding the ford by providing financial stability to the family."

"I also owe my better half money due to poor money management."

"My ultimate goal is to play my part in providing money for my family!"

As he was sharing that, I could see the smile and eyes that were focused and determined.

I could now sense his determination and am confident that he could do it.

The power of the WHY - the mentee's Ultimate Goal.

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