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Now is the time .....

I've always found hanging washed clothes therapeutic and I noticed that when I am relaxed, many wonderful ideas popped into my head. Today was another occasion

Qn: What determines the goals and results that we want?

Ans: Our thoughts

Qn: What specific thoughts?

Ans: Our Beliefs about ourself

For example - I can build a loving and cohesive family

For example - I can lose 10kg of my body mass

Qn: What drives our beliefs?

Ans: Our identities

For example - I am a loving and caring parent

For example - I am a leader who achieves results

Success Nugget: It is the invisible that creates the visible

It is my thoughts that create my results/goals.

Therefore, if I want to be more successful, now is the time to focus on my thoughts.

You're just one Success Nugget away …..

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