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No Wonder You are not going for interviews - One Fundamental Mistake when creating a Resume


After conducting career advancement workshops and 1:1 career coaching for more than 500 individuals, one fundamental mistake that everyone does in their resume is to list down their roles and responsibilities.

That is definitely one way for your resume to be sent to the recycle bin!

That's like watching the end credits of a movie to determine if the movie is worth viewing. No one does that right?

To determine if a movie is worth your time, I am sure that you would research it via rotten tomatoes (Yes! that's a legit website) or watch the trailer.

If it catches your interest, you would go and watch it.

Likewise, a resume (first page only) must catch the interest of the Recruiter / HR manager or Hiring Manager.

Qn: How do we do that?

Answer: Highlight or showcase your achievements and accomplishments substantiated with data or results.

Bad example: I worked in company ABC and was responsible for creating marketing campaigns

Good example: I worked in company ABC and created weekly email marketing campaigns that increased website traffic by XX% and Sales Revenue by YY%.

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