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If only ....(sigh) .... if only

"If only I spent time upgrading myself instead of just working, working and working"

"If only I taken time to keep myself relevant"

"After more than 30 years working, this is the first time I have been retrenched"

These were some of the statements I received from one of my participants who was attending my workshop.

The economic situation is not getting any better and I have been approached by two companies asking for outplacement coaching services.

How NOT to be in such a predicament?

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: If one wants to be fit, there is a need to get out of bed to train. If you have not done it for a long time, the body will ache from the exercise BUT it will get stronger and you will get fitter. Likewise, it is important to have the mental attitude to step out of mental comfort zone and improve.

Upgrade Oneself: Be open to new idea by attending course to keep oneself up to date. Now, it is even more important to NOT just focus on delivering work BUT to focus on Upgrading oneself to remain relevant in the new GIG economy.

Network: New jobs and business opportunities comes from networking. I was coaching a client who was retrenched and she stated that she doesn't like to network but is getting distressed by the lack of response from her resume submission (cold leads). She finally agreed to step out of her comfort zone and reach out to her friends / ex-colleagues.

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