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How Couples can flourish in their Love Life & Biz

Was mentoring a couple on running their biz as they were having challenges in differentiating between love life and work (by the way, that's normal for couples who are also working together in the same company).

The coupled shared several key takeaways from the session.

1 The importance of knowing the outcomes of a discussion. For example; (a) what is the work that needs to be followed up after the discussion, (b) the deadline for the work to be completed (c) who is responsible to complete that work

2 Communication Styles. To know how to communicate in a way that minimizes misunderstanding. For example: Instead of saying "I don't understand"; say "Tell me more about this ....". The other party should not shut down and stop talking when the statement "I don't understand" is shared. Instead, clarify which part the other party does not understand.

3 When in doubt, clarify instead of making assumptions. As the saying goes, never assume .... it makes an "ass out of u and me".

One of them shared that it felt lighter after the session.

It always feels good when couples can communicate and iron out issues.

"Falling in love is easy; staying in love takes effort"

"Starting a Biz is easy, growing the Biz takes effort"

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