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On the way back home from my workshop, I realized that my rear right tire was flat and it dawned upon me that I don’t know if I had the correct tools that would allow me to make the changes or if my spare tire was working!

To my relief, the spare tire was working (kudos to my mechanic as he would always ensure that the spare tire had the correct pressure whenever I sent my car for maintenance) and I was able to find the lug wrench and jack.

I was amazed how easy it was to change the flat tire. Lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts that held the tire and the jack to lift the car so that I can replace the spoilt one.

Without the lug wrench and jack, it would had be impossible to change the spoilt tire and I would be at the mercy of the tow truck to help me. Time would also be wasted waiting!

Reflecting on the event, these were some of the learnings:

Fully functional spare tire. Just like assuming that the spare tire is always working, we often take things like trust, friendship, good leadership, dependable teammates or even health for granted as well. It is only when it is not present do, we appreciate or gripe about it. Guess it time to be grateful for what we have and even express it out.

Lug Wrench. The lug wrench is the tool which reminds me that I always need to challenge and loosen my existing mental models. What mental models do we need to challenge? During coaching, some mental models that I had to help clients change were

· People cannot be trusted

· I am not good enough

· I just cannot release my negative emotion

· I can forgive but cannot forget

· etc

Jack. I am amazed that such a small equipment can lift the car with such ease. The power of leverage. What’s the jack in your life? What’s the tool that has a big leverage in your business or life?

The jack in my business is my network. I realised that it the network that opens the doors to many opportunities. Just recently, I was referred by my friend to meet up with his client to conduct a workshop in Australia! “Hello Mate” here I come. I would had never this awesome opportunity if not for the recommendation. How are you building your network or expanding it?

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