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EIQ-2 Practitioner Certification (2 Days)

EMotional Intelligence is all about understand and managing oneself and others. It is based on a loop that begins with self awareness of own emotions followed by management of self. It then continues toward social awareness and management of others.

Success Frontiers in partnership with Assessment 24x7 is the sole distributor for Assessment 24x7 EIQ-2 assessments in Singapore. 

For more than 25 years, Assessments 24x7 has been providing premier profiling tools like EIQ-2 Certification to countries all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, China, Philippines, Singapore, and more.


Both Adrian and Nichole were thorough in explaining the concepts and knowledge relating to DISC. They were great facilitators in helping me to understand and see how to apply the instruments in various coaching situations.

Robin Liu

Nth Starr Pte Ltd

The DISC profiling tool is a more complex tool than I had initially understood it to be.    I am glad to have gone through the course and understand it better and now feel empowered to use appropriate engagement tools for different personalities

Mervyn Chua


The Trainers share their own experiences/give real life examples which help us to relate better. Visual materials and clear explanations play a huge part too. Great job!

Debbie Hoon

Hoya Electronic 

The group work were effective in reinforcing the lessons. The discussions were robust, lively and had enriched me with more perspectives.

Christopher Aw

Magic, Balloons & Events

Help me do better coaching

Ari Handojo

Intras Coach, Indonesia

Brian Tracy Testimonial
Upcoming Workshops & Investment


  • 26th May to 27th Aug 2021

  • 28th Jul to 29th Oct 2021

  • 24th Feb to 25th Feb 022

  • 28th Apr to 29th Apr 2022


  • SGD 1488​

  • Contact us for early bird rate

What will I get?
  • Pre workshop: Online Assessment and Your personalized EIQ-2 Report

  • 2 Days Highly interactive and engaging Workshop

  • 2 Free EIQ-2 Assessment credits

  • Price of EIQ-2 assessment report goes down with more assessments used

  • Super friendly Consultant Admin Account (CAA)
  • Amazing resources at your disposal (PPT / videos / Audios / Sample Reports)

  • No setup and monthly subscription fee

  • White Label: Your company logo on the reports

  • Mobile App as well!

EIQ-2 Certification Program

The EIQ-2 Certification Program is designed for coaches and trainers with the Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the 4 DISC Styles

  • Acquire knowledge on how to interpret the Natural and Adapted as well as the behavioral wheel

  • Know how to communicate to the 4 DISC styles as well as interpret the strengths, behaviors under stress, behavioral tendencies and areas for improvement

  • Gain an understanding of the tension among the 4 DISC styles

  • Interpretation of the EIQ-2 report 

  • Learn how to coach individuals using the EIQ-2 report

  • Gain an understanding on the usage of your user-friendly Consultant Admin Account


  • Complete the online EIQ-2 Profiling

  • Receive via email your EIQ-2 report

  • Independent Review of Self-Study Documents


Throughout the workshop, there will be case studies, discussion and practices to enhance and strengthen your knowledge



  • Brief history of EIQ-2

  • Define EQ and articulate what EQ is not

  • Neuroscience of the Brain


  • Understanding of the 4 areas of EIQ-2

  • Detail Understanding of the 4 areas of EIQ DISC report

  • Sub

  • Interpretation of the 4 areas of EIQ sub-categories

  • Debrief Practice (Individual Report)

  • Learn the difference between your Natural and Adapted Style

  • Learn how to Adapt to build rapport, enhancing your influence and minimize conflicts


  • Introduction and Orientation to your super friendly Consultant Admin Account (CAA)

  • Orientation to the many resources to support your business

  • Explain validity and reliability of EIQ-2 assessment report


  • Final knowledge test

  • Official Accreditation as DISC practitioner from Assessments24x7 (USA) & Success Frontiers

Amazing Resources at Your Disposal

Success Frontiers, together with Assessment 24x7, is fully committed to supporting you grow your organization or business. We have a full array of resources to ensure you achieve your goals:

  1. Virtual Training prior to DISC Certification Workshop

  2. Mobile App (DISC Dashboard in your hands!)

  3. Superior DISC Online Resources

  4. Backend support

See below to find out more

Pre Workshop:  10 Modules Virtual Training (5hrs)
  • Get 5 hrs of online training by Dr Tony Alessandra before attending the DISC Certification Workshop

  • This virtual training will provide you with vital information to level you up before the 2 days DISC Certification Workshop

  • Watch the Virtual introductory video to DISC 

  • The virtual program trains, tracks and monitors your progress in real time!

App Phone - Dashboard in your Hands!
  • The power to manage your entire assessment dashboard is in the palm of your hands! You can:

  1. Administer new assessments

  2. Retrieve reports

  3. Generate group reports

  4. Access account resources

  5. Receive real-time alerts

  6. Contact member support and so much more

  • Our industry-leading, and scientifically validated assessments such as DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence are now available wherever, and whenever you are.

Grow Your Business, Take Action Now
EQ Reports Reports at Your Disposal

 Upon completion of the 2 days EQ Certification, you can utilize your 10 free DISC assessment credits to obtain 5 different assessment types:

  1. DISC Self

  2. DISC Leader

  3. DISC Sales

  4. DISC Service

  5. DISC Coaching

  6. Free Team Report

 Once you have completed your 2-days DISC Certification, you will get online access to the following materials:

  1. General Training Resources

  2. Presenting / Training Resources for Trainers

  3. PowerPoint slides

  4. DISC activities

  5. DISC videos and audio files

  6. 52 weeks DISC emails that you can send to your clients

Superior Online DISC Resources
DISC Validation Report
  • For 25-years, Assessments 24x7 team have remained committed to the necessity of validity studies

  • As global industry leaders in an increasingly crowded and scientifically unregulated field, where anyone can create anything resembling an assessment, we believe in holding ourselves to a transparent, international scientific standard.

  • Dr. Dennis Koerner's Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) ensure Assessments 24x7 members maintain access to the most accurate instruments.

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